Kanyungu Avocado

Posted on September 6, 2017
CategoriesFruits, Grains
Kanyungu Avocado

Collector’s notes
1. Trunk used for charcoal
2. Leaves are given to livestock
3. Seed is medicinal- it cures ulcers, toothache (smash seeds and apply or drink the powder)
4. It’s easy to transport but before it ripens
5. Bees like this plant so they drink sap from flowers and sometimes causes fruit to fall.
6. Can fruit on one side of the tree and before the year ends the other side starts to fruit
7. It’s carried by dogs sometimes and leave them at the garden and later sprouts
8. Gives a lot of energy
9. 2 to 3 avocadoes when consumed at the same time causes dizziness and fainting due to
closed chest thus are not consumed a lot of them.
10. Its resistant to drought high and waterlogging

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